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Online gst training institute

Online Advanced GST Practitioner Training & Certification Course

Beginners to Advance Level

GST practitioner certification course is a comprehensive guide to goods and services tax regulation, GST regime and various aspects of GST to help aspiring professionals get ready for GST jobs.

GST or Goods and Services Tax is that the new revenue enhancement system which is able to replace several central and state levies and merge them thus on offer one system of indirect taxation on pan-India basis by merging state and central taxes. The aim of this course is to develop skills of assorted accounting, finance and taxation professionals to create them GST prepared. This course in GST (Goods and Services Tax) demonstrate clear understanding and sensible aspects of GST or Goods and Services Tax and to urge a clear recognition for this information.

Course Highlights

  • Access to the high-quality material and E-learning content of 35+ hours
  • Live online interactive sessions for GST Q&A & Lectures by GST Faculty
  • Training material designed and delivered by industry practitioner with 15 years of experience
  • Offline Tools: GST Study Notes, Excel Offline Tool, User Manual Guide
  • Online Trainer and Technical Support via email
  • Facility to take Online Examination for GST Practitioner Certification Course
  • The course can be completed earlier also and appeared for the certification examination
  • Official GST Practitioner Certification offered to candidates passing the examination

About GST Practitioner Certification Course

GST is historical taxation reform in India. There has been a paradigm shift within the taxation structure with the GST rollout on 01st July 2017. It's extremely necessary to grasp and assimilate the new GST in India, new compliances and also the changes in processes in operational business.
To help professionals and aspirants with the continuing changes and to create them GST specialists AIIT has introduced the Certification Course on GST. The target of this Course is to supply information of sensible aspects of GST to all or any.

  • Detailed understanding of GST Provisions with Practical Case Studies
  • Analysis of open and burning issues in GST
  • Preparation and filing of GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C – Table wise
  • Divergent Judgements and Case studies from different Advance Ruling Authorities / HC
  • Exclusive Sessions for Questions and Answers
  • Understanding of all Recent Amendments and Implications

Online GST Course Content

At the end of the GST Certification course by AIIT, you will have a thorough understanding of the GST regime and will be "GST Ready" for the coming future.

You will learn GST with CA who is one of the most sought-after GST knowledge & thought leader in the country with more than 14 years of experience in Indirect Taxation. Through these GST Online Classes, you will be able to learn all the basic to advance concepts and prepare yourself for the latest GST updates with this GST Online Course.

*    What is Tax
*    What is Direct and Indirect Tax
*    What is GST
*    GST History
*    GST Challenges
*    GST Benefits
*    Drawbacks of GST
*    Why GST
*    Types of GST Models
*    Destination Consumption and Origin-based GST
*    GST Types
*    GST Deposit Chain or Flow
*    Calculating GST

*    GST Terms
*    GST Taxable Event
*    GST Rate
*    Threshold Limits
*    GST Aggregate Turnover
*    GST Exempt Supply
*    Zero rated supply
*    GSTN Electronic Ledger
*    GST Input Tax Credit (ITC)
*    GST Composition Scheme or Levy
*    GST Reverse Charge Mechanism
*    Input Service Distributor (ISD)
*    GST Supply (Principal, Composite and Mixed)
*    GST Value of Supply
*    GST Time of Supply
*    GST Place of Supply (POS)
*    GST Within State
*    GST between States or IGST Method
*    GST Compliance Rating

*    What is Registration and Need *    GSTIN
*    GST Registration Forms
*    Liable for GST Registration
*    Compulsory GST Registration
*    Casual Registration
*    Non-Resident Person
*    Physical Verification
*    Deemed Registration
*    Voluntary GST Registration
*    Amendment to GST Registration
*    GSTIN Cancellation and Revocation
*    GST Migration for Central Excise/Service Tax Assessees
*    GSTIN New Registration
*    GST Transition Provision

*    What is an Invoice
*    GST Invoice Types
*    GST Tax Invoice
*    GST Bill of Supply
*    GST Supplementary and Revised Invoices
*    GST Invoice Format
*    GST Invoicing Time limits
*    Changing GST Invoice
*    GST Invoice Signing
*    Goods Transport Agency (GTA)
*    Goods Transportation without an invoice
*    Knocked Down Goods
*    Receipt Voucher
*    GST Debit Note
*    GST Credit Note
*    GST Refunds
*    GST Refund Rules
*    GST Accounts and Records to Keep
*    GST E-way Bill

*    What is a Return
*    GST Return
*    GST Returns Types
*    How to File GST Returns
*    GST Return Filing Process
*    GST Outward Supplies Return GSTR-1
*    GST Inward Supplies Return GSTR-2
*    GST–3 Monthly Return
*    GSTR-9 Annual Return
*    GST Returns for Composition Business (GSTR 4 and 9-A)
*    GST Returns for Other Businesses (GSTR 5,6,7 and8)
*    GSTR-10 Return
*    Simple Returns - Sahaj and Sugam Forms
*    GST Returns for E-Commerce Company
*    GSTN Dashboard
*    Return Filing on GSTN
*    GST Offline Tool and User Manual
*    GST Return Filing (Excel and Offline tool)
*    GST Return Filing with Tally ERP9.0 and Offline Tool

*    ITC Entitlement Conditions
*    Utilization of GST ITC
*    Other ITC Scenario
*    CENVAT and VAT Credit
*    GST Input Tax Credit Time Limit
*    GST Input Tax Credit Rules

*    GST Valuation
*    Valuation of goods and services for a consideration
*    Valuation of goods and services without a consideration
*    Value of Supply of Services in Case of Pure Agent
*    GST Valuation Rules

*    Anti-Profiteering
*    GST Provisional Assessment
*    GST Recovery
*    GST Audit
*    Appeals in GST
*    Inspection, Search and Seizure in GST
*    GST Advance Ruling Mechanism

*    IGST and IGST Act
*    UTGST and UTGST Act
*    GST in Different Industries or Sectors
*    GST Rates for Goods and Services
*    GST Updates

*    Guide for GST Practitioner Certification Examination


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Batch Schedule:


GST Course Schedule

Batch Start Date

6th Feb’ 2021

Batch End Date

14th March’21

Batch Timings

Saturday Evening:
6:30 PM to 10 PM
Sunday Morning:
8AM to 11:30 AM

Batch Duration

30 Hrs Detailed Course
9 classes for 3.5 hrs each

Beginners to Advance Level Online Goods & Service Tax Practitioner

This GST Practitioner certification course is a comprehensive guide to the Goods and Service Tax regulations. AIIT has introduced the Certification Course on GST Practitioner in association with MSME, Government of India to impart practical aspects of Good and Service Tax (GST) including registration, returns and in-depth accounting and recording of GST transactions. It is really important to understand and assimilate the new GST in India, new compliances and the changes in processes in operating business. To help professionals and aspirants with the ongoing changes and to make them GST experts. The objective of this Course is to provide knowledge of the practical aspects of GST to all.

This GST professional person certification course could be a comprehensive guide to the products and repair Tax rules. AIIT has introduced the Certification Course on GST professional person in association with MSME, Government of Bharat to impart sensible aspects of fine and repair Tax (GST) together with registration, returns and in-depth accounting and recording of GST transactions. It is extremely vital to know and assimilate the new GST in Bharat, new compliances and therefore the changes in processes in in operation business. to assist professionals and aspirants with the continued changes and to create them GST consultants. the target of this Course is to produce information of the sensible aspects of GST to all or any

What are the opportunities in GST field as a career after GST Certificate Online?

The new GST taxation system will be opening up an Ocean of Opportunities for all Tax/ Account Professionals, Manager Accounts, CFOs, Revenue Officials, CA and other Finance Students.

Let's see what various reports in newspapers have to say about GST and Opportunities that will be unleashed with GST:

"GST opens job opportunities for finance, Commerce Graduates and Post-Graduates"

"GST rollout: Job market seeks over 100,000 employment opportunities. The job market is looking forward to a big boost from the new GST regime and expects over one lakh immediate new employment opportunities, including in specialized areas like taxation, accounting, and data analysis." - Business Standard

"Consultancy firm Ernst & Young India. In its Indirect Tax practice, the firm has seen over 60 percent increase in hiring. All the hiring were related to GST" - Sudhir Kapadia, National Tax Leader, EY India.

"GST will generate 10 lakh job opportunities"

What are the benefits of GST Training & Certification Course in India?

GST is the latest amendments in the Indian taxation regime which has brought plethora of opportunities for finance professionals in the field of practice as well as jobs. Few of the benefits of learning GST are enumerated below:

  • Becoming GST Ready for the Future
  • Ability to understand various new compliance requirements under new GST regime
  • In-depth understanding of GST provisions
  • Learn more about Impact of GST on various sectors and their business models
  • Practical Training Exposure for GST Registration, Certificate and similar issues

On successful completion of the course and course requisites, the candidate will receive Government of India, MSME, and Certified GST Practitioner Certification.

Who should enroll in this Online GST Course?

This GST Certification course is for everyone who wishes to learn and study GST and become an expert in GST or wants to become a certified GST practitioner with this GST Certification Course.

This GST learning course is for:

About GST Course Advisor

He is a Chartered Accountant and a Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India along with a Bachelor’s degree in Law. Also, he is a Qualified SAP – FI/CO & MM Professional and has more than years of experience in Indirect Taxation and specializes in all aspects of Service Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT)/ Central Sales Tax (CST), Central Excise, Customs, Foreign Trade Policy (FTP), Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Export Oriented Unit (EOU), Export-Import Laws and well acquainted with the concept and impact of way forward Goods and Services Tax (GST).

He has working experience of more than 15 years in renowned Companies and having experience in verious sectors.

This course offers GST Practitioner Certification Validation Tool for Employers

Your GST Certification Validation Tool can be used by employers, clients, and other stakeholders to validate the authenticity of your GST Certifications you have received. Using the programming code located on your certified GST Practitioner Certification, one can see all your training and certification details online.

Price 7,500.00
(Inclusive of Registration and Tax)

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