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Tally.ERP 9 Training Provided by ALANTIA IIT at Burdwan

Course Overview

The Tally ERP-9 is designed to provide a one stop comprehensive solution to all business processes of a modern day business keeping it easy and simple.Although Tally incorporates many core business features, but its grip on accounting is what makes it most in demand. This software deals with the entire range of accounting functionssuchas Book-keeping, Inventory Management, Tax Management, Payroll etc.

The highlight of the Tally ERP-9package is that with the implementation of GST in India, these packages can process seamless transition by being in sync with the GST compliancerules. It is currently being used by more than 1 million users across the globe.

The advanced Tally training centre at Alantia, Burdwan is the leading Computer Institute for I.T and Financial Accounting coursesin the region with the facility of authenticated course content, online examination and certification and quality placement assistance.The course is designed to make you job-ready according to the needs of the industry requirements and be assured of accurate, relevant and updated knowledge on this highly in demand Course.

Advantages of Tally ERP-9

Every business is unique with its own set of needs, exceptions and requirements. Tally ERP-9 can incorporate all these distinctive characteristics and customise a flexible package which is the optimal for that business.

As the business continues to grow in size, one can further customise it to scale and manage the accounting process and tax compliance.

The following qualities gives it a distinct advantage over other Accounting Packages:

  1. Flexibility – It adapts itself readily to the changing dynamics of the business.
  2. Simplicity: It does not require a cumbersome uploading and processing procedure. One can download it and start work, all within matter of minutes. No protocol or standard procedures to follow.
  3. Speed: It works at lightningfast speed and allows any data changes to be made to be reflected withinNano-secondsin the final report, i.e. either a balance sheet / profit and loss statement / stock summary and cash flow projection / any other critical report.
  4. Reliability: It is a fully trusted and accurate Accounting package and is extremely resilient to virus threat.

Tally ERP-9, in short, is the perfect Accounting and Compliance solution to all the ever-evolving business needs, taking care of its various aspects:

  1. Entire Accounting needs.
  2. A One –stop solution for Compliance.
  3. Supports Bank Transactions automatically.
  4. Renders immediate access to Business Reports.
  5. Inventory Management and Payroll Management becomes simpler.
  6. Facilitates Budget and Control.
  7. Has multilingual options to enable Global operation.
  8. Enhanced Security Features to make it even more resilient.
  9. GST Complaint.
  10. Multi-Currency support feature to enable you to deal with customers outside India.

Alantia Institute, Burdwan ,provides you in-depth trainingon Tally ERP-9 Accounting and Inventory Software to meet the Accounting needs of the Global economy. We do not believe in imparting only theoretical knowledge of the subject matter which is of no use unless backed by practical training in the Day-to –Day Accounting functions and real-time business solutions.

The course contents and thecourse materials are constantly updated on a regular basis to ensure that the students get the latest training and are prepared to handle the business functions, right after course completion.

Who are eligible for enrolling in Tally ERP-9 courses?

  1. Accountants: Any accounting professional who needs to upgrade or update himself on the Tally package to ensure being in sync with the times and increase the inflow of his business. Cost Accountants, Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants, Company Accountants etc.
  2. Commerce Students: The day is not far when the entire Accounting process of small/ medium and big businesses shall be guided by the Tally ERP method. As such, it becomes imperative for all Commercestudents to have the working knowledge of this software to enhance their employability quotient in the market.
  3. Business Owners:Whether you be a small entrepreneur, a mid-level business man or handling a large corporate with many branches. TallyERP-9 functioning is something you need to acquaint yourself asap so that you can analyse data, keep an eye on cash flow, profit, finance, generate reports as per requirement and ensure compliance.
  4. Job-seeking Graduates: Employees well-versedwith Tally ERP packages are much in demand with the growth in economy. As such, any person who wishes to improve his employability quotient may dowell to take up this course on animmediate basis.
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We ,AIIT is a privileged of Tally.ERP9 with GST, SAP & Advance Excel Training. We focus on the needs of the Tally & SAP ERP community. We AIIT provide the ideal platform to meet the demands of the constantly evolving Present job market.
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