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Advance Excel Training Provided by ALANTIA IIT at Burdwan

What is Advance Excel?

It is a Microsoft tool, engineered to optimize the data used by the companies in the most effective manner through advanced method of storing, compiling and analysing information. It is an integral part of financial analysis process and gives its user the much needed edge in structuring and presenting their data.

Excel is one of the foremost tools for data analysis, number crunching, data visualisation, data storytelling and basically used to provide us with access to formulas, table and graphs used in reports, presentation, sales. Advance Excel includes enhanced ways to identify business trends by means and averages that will seek to locate and validate the behaviour of certain figures.

Alantia Institute, Burdwan is the trusted and recognized training centre for Advance Excel classes where the emphasis is on improving technical skills through hands-on practice, in keeping with industry standards.

Who is the Target Audience?

This knowledge is extremely handy for any working executive, manager or even CEO. Technical Professionals in the field of Data Analytics, students and even general public who wish to make better use of Excel, may benefit from the Course.

Formatting tables and inserting table functions, linking of one worksheet to another, customized formatting of cells, usage of absolute reference when formatting cells, usage of pivot tables, audit, analysing worksheet data, utilizing data tools, access to shortcuts and macros are all part and parcel of the Advance Excel features .

Key Features ofAdvance Excel

  1. Date and Time Function.
  2. Text Function and Data Validation.
  3. Logical Functions.
  4. Lookup and Reference Functions
  5. Statistical and other Functions.
  6. V Look up and V Hook up.
  7. Pivot T bale.

What can you expect from the Course Training provided by Alantia Institute, Burdwan?

At Alantia Institute,Burdwan we have mastered the art of teaching Microsoft tools in the simplest and most functional manner that will equip you to make use of it in your job profile, as soon as you step out of the Institute. You will start with the basics, build a strong foundation that will give you a solid and firm grasp as you progress into the intermediate and advanced level topics.

We provide practical training under supervision of the specialists using live projects and real- time application that gives detailed understanding of Excel formulas and functions. Furthermore the course curriculum is so designed that the current standards of business are met and the participant gets to learn all the MS-Advance Excel skills that makes it so highly in demand in the market.

Course Modules under Advance Excel:

  1. Logical and Text function
  2. Date and Time function
  3. Mathematical functions
  4. Conditional Formatting
  5. Visual Basics for Application
  6. Macros
  7. Picot Charts and Tables
  8. Data Analysis
  9. Advanced Dashboard.

Why is it imperative to learn Advance Excel?

  1. Increasing demand for Microsoft Excel Professionals at a global level in the field of data analytics.
  2. One of the most popular and demanding Job Profiles in this category is that of Data scientists, Metrics and Analytic Scientists, Analytics Associate, Big Data Engineer, Big Data Architect, Big Data Analytics Architect, all of which need data analysis as the basis.
  3. Whether you are on the lookout for better job, better pay scale, data analysis is a niche category that is worth exploring.
  4. A certification/ diploma in Advance Excel shall always provide you a strong foothold to demand better wage and salary prospect.
  5. Innumerable choice for Future Growth in the field of data analytics.

So, whether you wish to learn it for knowledge sake or are imagining a bright future for yourself in the field of Data Analytics, Advance Excel is the key. All our modules are taught and trained by experts in the field having years of specialist experience. If you are desirous of learning from the best, do visit the Alantia Institute, Burdwan for the best Training, Development and Placement Centre.

Visit for a free demo session and start you training under the best guidance, today.

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